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Flowering Chives with Eggs

Chinese Flowering Chives – oh how I love them. Beautiful to behold and simply delightful to cook and serve, the strong flavor makes for a mouthwatering addition to stir-fries, soups and seafood dishes. Tender, oval buds sit atop stiff, square-ish green stems that are about 8 – 10 inches long. The buds  have a strong […]


Grilled Zucchini with Fenugreek, Turmeric & Brown Mustard

It’s been aaaaages since I last posted anything here.  I feel like a neglectful mother.  Sorry blog – you know I love you.  I’ve just been occupied with all the other nonsense one has to do to get a food business off the ground.  I’ve been working on getting my license to sell food.  The […]

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Curry Laksa

One of my favorite dishes ever from back home is Laksa.  There are many different kinds of laksa,  but in my opinion they can be broken down into two main types – the coconut curry broth laksa,  and the sour, pungent Assam laksa.  I prefer the first type,  but maybe that’s just because I’m a […]


2 Easy Ways to Love Your Chinese Greens

If you’ve ever walked into an Asian supermarket, marveled at the variety of beautiful greens available and wondered what on earth to do with them – keep reading. Growing up in Malaysia,  we were blessed to have the bounty of the Chinese vegetables available to us all year round.  We enjoyed gai lan, various mustard […]


Salted Egg Shrimp

Each year in May, soft-shell crab season hits and these delightful little crustaceans show up at seafood purveyors all over the city, lined up neatly in little boxes. Inevitably, my father-in-law shows up in Brooklyn with a hankering for them. Emails fly back and forth between us for weeks beforehand – we discuss ways to […]


Tapioca Pearls with Cantaloupe & Coconut Milk

Even though it’s only May, we enjoyed a little taste of summer last weekend here in Brooklyn. 80 degrees and sunny both Saturday and Sunday – who could ask for a more perfect weekend? The warmer weather inspired me to make this light dessert beverage that I’ve been thinking about and craving all week. In […]


Tapioca Pearls with Cantaloupe & Coconut

Even though it’s only mid-May,  we had a little taste of summer this past weekend.  80 degrees and sunny on both Saturday and Sunday.  The weather inspired me to make this refreshing, easy dessert that’s been on my mind for a while.  In Malaysia,  mum makes this with sago pearls.  Sago is hard to come […]


Mum’s Chicken Curry

A few weeks ago,  I wrote this post about roti jala and promised to share my mum’s chicken curry recipe.  I looked back at that post and saw that it was from about six weeks ago –  WHAT?!  How time flies.  Every week I said to myself “time to post that curry recipe” and every […]


Roti Jala

My dear husband experienced roti jala for the first time in Malaysia at the home of a longtime friend in January of 2010.  He’s been singing the praises of roti jala since then and they’ve been falling on deaf ears here. When we were there this past December,  he once again came upon the elusive […]


Curried Yellowtail Snapper in Parchment

Here’s an easy prep,  easy clean-up way to roast fish that’s basically foolproof – it’s very easily modified to suit your taste and super yummy.   Once you’re done serving the meal,  just toss the parchment in the trash and clean up is done.The sauce in this recipe is merely one of an endless number of […]