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Loh See Fun

I’ve been craving this dish since we were home in Malaysia a few weeks ago.  In my little hometown of Seremban,  there’s a spot we fondly call The Square – a municipal parking lot by day,  by 6:30pm every day hawker stalls complete with rickety tables and stools fill the area with the incredible sights, […]


2am Jet-lag Khichdi

 We arrived back in Brooklyn two days ago.  Even though it was sad leaving the family behind,  it’s good to be back home.  The husband says “I’m glad the eating marathon is over!” and the pre-schooler says “Why is the night funny,  mommy?”  That’s her way of trying to wrap her little head around the […]


Mum’s Famous Indian Mashed Potatoes

Here’s an easy yet incredibly delicious take on mashed potatoes.  My mum has been making this ever since before I can remember.  They are always a big hit and equally easy to whip up for a simple dinner or for a big family gathering.  Everyone always asks for it and these days,  after having cooked […]