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Grilled Lime Leaf Shrimp & Veggie Kebabs

Summer is here! Well – sort of. It’s June and we were discussing turning the heat back on a few days ago.  Also, I’m not sure I was quite ready to part with my puffy jacket and Uggs when our Household Organizer (The Husband) put them away – deep in the hall closet only to […]


Sambal Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

According to some well-respected Food & Restaurant experts, bacon will become 2015’s forgotten food item. Supposedly the bacon pendulum is swinging from “Hot” to “Not”, as far as food trends go! Seriously? Who are “they” and more importantly, how do “they” know? I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I figured I’d better […]


Chilli Chicken

Oh my – it’s been aaaaaages since my last post. I think I forgot that I had a blog! How is that possible, you ask? Well, the sambal business is a full-time job – there are sales call to make, cases to deliver, marketing ideas to implement, network connections to develop, plans for new products […]


Kasia Tolbert’s Super Simple Lamb Pops

Lamb. Meh. There’s nothing that calls out to me less than lamb. I don’t know why that is. I am completely unmoved by laaaaaamb. Every time someone serves lamb at their dinner party or whatever event back home in Malaysia, my sweet Mum can’t stop talking about it. “Oh, we went to Uncle So-and-so’s place […]


A Malaysian Chef on CHOPPED (Part 1)

In April of 2013, a casting director sent me a message on my FB page asking me if I would like to be on CHOPPED. My immediate reaction was a very emphatic NO! I mean, wouldn’t yours be too? Someone has to be absolutely nuts and a complete masochist to subject themselves to that particular […]

Pom-Sambal Pork Small

Pomegranate Molasses & Sambal Pulled Pork

I’m pleased as punch to be writing a blog post featuring someone else’s recipe! Read that title again – I could never come up with something SO brilliant! Back in May, when I first started making large batches of sambal at home and selling jars of it to my friends and family, a friend of […]


Snake Beans and Tofu with Sambal

I went to Chinatown this morning to shop for ingredients for this week’s Hester Nights event. Walking up Mott Street to Grand St, these gorgeous bright beans caught my eye. In this country, I’ve heard them called all kinds of things, everything from snake beans to yard-long beans etc. In Malaysia, we just call them […]

photo 3

Hot Chilli Sambal: My Kitchen to Market Saga

This morning I sold my first ever two cases of Hot Chilli Sambal to a specialty food store in NYC called Garden of Eden. For those of you who don’t live in NY, Garden of Eden is only the most awesome gourmet food store in the city. Their website describes the store as “a culinary […]


MOFA: Museum of Food Arts – NYC’s unique tribute to peculiar food.

As a genuine born and bred Malaysian, I’ve always believed that when it comes to weird food, we’ve got the market cornered. A walk around my hometown’s wet market would prove that in a matter of minutes – pig knuckles, ears and snouts, yardlong beans, stinky shrimp pastes, dried fish large and small, durians, rambutans […]