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Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen: Over 2,000 Served!

It all began a little over three weeks ago when a friend of mine sent me this link on Facebook and asked “u gonna be there??” It was for an event called the Malaysian Winter Market at Bryant Park on Feb 20th and 21st. I took a quick look at the dates and decided it […]


This Vending Life

A chef mentor friend suggested that I need to get myself “out there”. “Auria,  you need some exposure. People need to taste your food and know who you are”. Wait a minute, isn’t that why I’ve been doing these cooking classes and writing this blog? Ok,  I know that all of two people read my […]


The 5 Best Things I Ate On My Last Trip Back Home

We were home in Malaysia for three and a half weeks over the Christmas holidays.  There was a lot of good eating.  That’s putting it mildly – let’s just say every meal was a dazzling example of how completely brilliant Malaysian cuisine is.  Does that sound slightly over the top?  I think not.  Believe me […]


The Coconut Chronicles

I’ve been in the US for twenty years now, and all this time I’ve cooked exclusively with canned coconut milk.  It has its pros and cons – its a super convenient way to get that beautiful coconut-ty creaminess into dishes,  without all the hassle and mess of scraping fresh coconuts and extracting the milk yourself.  […]


The Journey So Far…..

In March of this year,  after much prodding and pushing,  my husband convinced me to write to Joshua M. Bernstein,  writer of the NY Press’ weekly Gut Instinct food column – not to be confused with Josh Bernstein – American explorer, survival expert and host of one of those TV shows where he is dropped […]