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MOFA: Museum of Food Arts – NYC’s unique tribute to peculiar food.

As a genuine born and bred Malaysian, I’ve always believed that when it comes to weird food, we’ve got the market cornered. A walk around my hometown’s wet market would prove that in a matter of minutes – pig knuckles, ears and snouts, yardlong beans, stinky shrimp pastes, dried fish large and small, durians, rambutans […]


The 5 Best Things I Ate On My Last Trip Back Home

We were home in Malaysia for three and a half weeks over the Christmas holidays.  There was a lot of good eating.  That’s putting it mildly – let’s just say every meal was a dazzling example of how completely brilliant Malaysian cuisine is.  Does that sound slightly over the top?  I think not.  Believe me […]

Back home in Malaysia!! Yum yum!

I’m back in the homeland.   It goes without saying that there’s been a lot of eating,  looking at food and talking about food.  The whole family is super-psyched about Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen and folks are literally throwing ideas and recipes at me.  I’m overwhelmed and touched with how eager everyone is to share their experience […]