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2018 Bronze SOFI Award

Brooklyn Made Fancy Food Fellow 2015 NYC Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Finalist

An exquisitely mellow Sambal featuring the fragrance of the makrut lime leaf . Handmade in Brooklyn. Adds mild heat and glorious flavor to everything from marinades to stir-fries or simply eaten as-is.

Sambal is a ubiquitous condiment throughout Malaysia. The word Sambal refers to a blend of ground peppers and aromatics, with the main ingredient being fresh chillies. In Malaysia, green sambal can be found at humble roadside eateries. Either mild or fiery, they’re used to accompany the various dishes offered. Each cook has their own recipe for it, influenced by regional differences and the availability of fresh ingredients.

Made with Makrut lime leaves, Lime Leaf Sambal brightens up all your favorite dishes with 100% authentic Southeast Asian flavor.

“This is some of the most delicious product I’ve ever had. I keep jars of it at home. My wife and I are obsessed” – John Adler, Head of Culinary, Blue Apron

“This jarred sauce changed our grain bowls for good. I recommend beginning with the lime leaf sambal, which combines the mellow fire of green chili peppers with the sweet florality of makrut lime leaves.” – Chris Morocco, senior food editor, Bon Appétit/Healthyish

  • – Family recipe
  • – Handmade in small batches
  • – 100% natural ingredients
  • – No added preservatives
  • – Made in Brooklyn


  • – Use it as a condiment on the side of a plate of noodles or rice. Pick up a dab with each   forkful – you control how much heat each bite needs.
  • – Marinade seafoods, poultry and meats –  either alone and in combination with other ingredients.
  • – Spice up stir-fries.
  • – Mix into mayonnaise or ketchup for a spicy sandwich spread. Also great in grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • – Add to soups, stews and casseroles.

Fresh Chillies, Dried Green Peppers, Canola Oil, Garlic, Cane Sugar, Lime Juice, Kosher Salt, Makrut Lime Leaves.

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8 reviews for Lime Leaf Sambal 8oz/237g

  1. MT

    I cannot stop eating this. I think it’s the most delicious condiment I’ve ever tried. Love it over raw tofu. Or buttered toast. Or with noodles. Or in sandwiches. Pleasant tang, beguiling lime flavor, just the right complexity to enliven anything.

    My only wish is that I could buy it cheaper in bulk…

  2. Naz

    Very mild, citrusy and herbaceous version of the traditional chilli sambal. It complements seafood perfectly. Seriously, stir fry some shrimp in this or smear it over a piece of fish and bake/grill it. So good! Its mildness means the non spicy fans will also enjoy it

  3. Tim

    Incredible flavor! My favorite use for Auria’s Lime Sambal: 3 avocados cut into 1 inch cubes, 1 peeled and sliced english cucumber, a fresh squeezed lime, 1 tbl spoon red boat fish sauce, 6 medium prawns or seared scallops, 4 spoons of Auria’s lime sambal. Toss ingredients together and enjoy. Can garnish with fresh mint or cilantro.

    This is the best sambal I have ever tried.

  4. Chip McLaughlin

    Oh my gosh. This was such a surprise. I bought it a few months ago in NYC and decided to just mix it with some Cloumage, a local soft cheese, as a side dip for some lobster claws. Whoa. This is a snappy sambal. I used the same Cloumage/lime leaf sambal mixture for a dollop in a butternut squash soup. Also delicious. Get some.

  5. Amanda (verified owner)

    OH. MY. GOD. I could literally eat this out of the jar as is. It’s so beautiful nuanced and vibrant, and it’s absolutely incredible with seafood! A must have for anyone who likes any kind of heat with some serious flavor!

  6. Jennifer Jacobs

    This is amazing on everything and it’s hard to live without it. I’ve moved out of Brooklyn temporarily, so now I’m ordering it online. OMG yum.

  7. Iris (verified owner)

    I loved how flavorful the Lime Leaf Sambal was. It was sooooo tasty! This is great on any seafood dishes or with just rice alone. Try it! It’s soooooooo freaking good!

  8. Martha

    Flavor bomb! I added this to a one pan Pork Loin Roast with Sweet Potato and Green Beans
    recipe and wow! It is now in my personal recipe book as a favorite. This actually goes with anything and I’m
    having fun experimenting. Thank you !!!!

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