Pandan Kaya 8oz/237g

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2018 Silver SOFI Award winner

Brooklyn Made Fancy Food Fellow 2015 NYC Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Finalist

Kaya is a rich, creamy spread for toast.

This decadent, silky smooth coconut jam is a staple in Malaysian kopitiam (coffee shop) breakfasts. Made with premium coconut milk, eggs, and sugar this Kaya is flavored with Pandan, a grass that grows in the tropics. Often described as floral and herby, the Pandan imparts a beguiling flavor as well as the natural green color of the product.

Our Kaya is slow-cooked for hours following a traditional method and yields a smooth, scrumptious delight to add enticing flavor to all your favorite sweet treats.

“You could pay $7 for fancy, fussed-up toast at your local café. Or you could keep a jar of kaya, the Southeast Asian coconut jam, on hand to slather on toasted bread for instant luxury, anytime. Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen uses only natural ingredients, and not very many of them, in these kayas” – Wall St. Journal

“I really wish I had this coconut milk jam to go with the ice cream I have in my freezer, and to have with toast, though, let’s be real, I fear I’d eat it all out of the jar first.” – Chris Crowley, Grub Street

“Breakfast in Malaysia is often a green spread, slathered on grilled, buttered bread.  It’s pandan kaya, seasoned with intriguingly grassy-tasting tropical pandan leaves.” – Florence Fabricant, NY Times.

  • – Family recipe
  • – Handmade in small batches
  • – 100% natural ingredients
  • – No added preservatives
  • – Made in Brooklyn
  • – Dairy and gluten-free


  • – Spread on buttered toast
  • – Drizzle on ice cream
  • – Layer into a parfait with yogurt, granola and berries
  • – Fill cakes, pastries, crepes
  • – As a dip for fruit

Coconut Milk, Eggs, Cane Sugar, Pandan Leaves, Kosher Salt

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4 reviews for Pandan Kaya 8oz/237g

  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    I literally cannot wait to put this on anything and everything I can think of. I’ve never had pandan before; it’s such a unique flavor, and I’m so happy I finally tried this. Amazing!!

  2. Judy

    I’ve tried many brands of Kaya from Singapore and Malaysia, and Auria’s truly lives up to the standard. I am so thankful for your talent, your passion, and your effort in sharing your creations with us. I came back to your site to order more, and it looks like it’s so popular that it’s temporarily out of stock. I will be back! I tried the sambal today as well, and it’s awesome. Thank you again Auria!

  3. Wendy Yap (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful kaya…I felt that I was back in Singapore and Malaysia again.

  4. e c

    This is the first kaya jam I’ve bought and I probably won’t try another. It’s so good! Goes great on everything – yogurt, toast, ice cream, crackers, desserts..

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