Pandan Kaya 8oz/237g

Kaya is a rich, creamy spread for toast.

This decadent, silky smooth coconut jam is a staple in Malaysian kopitiam (coffee shop) breakfasts. Made with premium coconut milk, eggs, and sugar this Kaya is flavored with Pandan, a grass that grows in the tropics. Often described as floral and herby, the Pandan imparts a beguiling flavor as well as the natural green color of the product.

Our Kaya is slow-cooked for hours following a traditional method and yields a smooth, scrumptious delight to add enticing flavor to all your favorite sweet treats.

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Pandan Kaya 8oz/237g Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Eggs, Cane Sugar, Pandan Leaves, Kosher Salt

How To Use: Pandan Kaya 8oz/237g


– Spread on buttered toast

– Drizzle on ice cream

– Layer into a parfait with yogurt, granola and berries

– Fill cakes, pastries, crepes

– As a dip for fruit