I went to Chinatown this morning to shop for ingredients for this week’s Hester Nights event. Walking up Mott Street to Grand St, these gorgeous bright beans caught my eye. In this country, I’ve heard them called all kinds of things, everything from snake beans to yard-long beans etc.

In Malaysia, we just call them “kacang panjang” which literally means “long beans”. So simple and yet, just descriptive enough for everyone to know exactly which beans one is talking about! For the purposes of this post, we’ll stick to “snake beans” since that’s what most people here call them.

They were so fresh, I just had to buy some and bring them home. While walking around my favorite Chinese supermarket, I made a plan for what I would do with them. In weeks when I’m already cooking for a big outdoor market, I try to make cooking for my family as quick and easy as possible. I decided I would make a spicy tofu and snake bean stir-fry – something that would take me all of ten-minutes and yet make a delicious meal for the three of us.

Here's the recipe!