Here’s a relatively simple salmon dish that will bring out your inner kitchen goddess/god. Five ingredients, twenty-five minutes, loads of flavor! What’s more decadent than a piece of just-cooked-through fish in contrast with the perfectly robust crunch of crisp skin? Add the lovely spicy-sweetness of the apricot-Sambal glaze and boom! You’re a deity! Well, at least in your kitchen, to your fervent devotees.  I mean…. guests! It’s hard not to get a big head with a meal this spectacular!

The crisp skin takes a little practice. It’s one of those techniques where less is more – the less you mess with it, the better. Flip it over and over, move it around mercilessly, poke and prod at it and you’ll end up with a mess of broken fish with soggy underdone skin. Put it in a screaming hot pan, and let it be, let it be, let it beeeeee, oh let it be – and flip it once, and you’re in business. Once you master it, you’ll be able to make crispy skin fish a million ways. Let me know how you do with it, okay?