Here’s a brilliant recipe from @foodminimalist When I saw this on Instagram the other day, I was completely stunned! First, by how gorgeous it was and second, by how delicious it sounded. Thank you @foodminimalist (her name is Lucia) for allowing me to share it here.

Lucia has an incredibly creative approach in the kitchen – something I so admire since I’m all about not straying very far from the things I learned in my mum’s kitchen back home in Malaysia. Follow her on IG and you’ll get a daily dose of kitchen inspiration which will also encourage you to play more in your own kitchen. Play leads to creativity. Creativity leads to combinations of ingredients no one’s ever thought of before. On occasion, you’ll come up with something out-of-this-world delicious. Other times, you’ll have to scrape a whole bowl of whateverthehellthatis into the trash can. Oh well – no one told you to put apricot jam on a block of tofu, garnish it with scallions and serve it with white rice!

Enough of my nonsense – let’s get on with it. The duck fat tortillas Lucia uses are from a company called Caramelo in Lawrence, KS. They’re artisanal flour tortillas and crucial to this recipe. I’ve just ordered some and I imagine the flavor must be INSANE! Duck fat is not something to take lightly – I just love it. As you can see in the pic, they’re so thin, so translucent that you can see the design on the plate through them. Lucia says they’re remarkably strong though, and won’t fall apart as you’re eating. Find them on IG @caram3lo.

Here’s the recipe in Lucia’s own words: